William “KingPoP” Floyd is taking the world by storm as the forerunner in pop culture art.
Not since Warhol has an artist been able to capture the spirits of pop culture icons on canvas in such
bright, vivid colors. His attention to detail, as well as his ability to project the raw essence of
pop-culture through colors and lines, sets Floyd in an artistic class of his own.
Growing up in the rolling hills of Goldsboro, North Carolina, William Floyd had an early
appreciation for the therapeutic quality of painting. By age seven, he was channeling his surroundings
and emotions into colorful depictions. As a toddler, Floyd’s surprisingly deep voice earned him
the nickname Poppa, which was later shortened to Pop. In an ironic twist, that nickname hinted at
the core of Floyd’s artistic inspiration, and would become the foundation for his brand.
While attending the Art Institute of Atlanta, William “KingPop” Floyd continued to hone
his talents as both a painter and a designer. Locals and visitors alike took notice of the his ability
to create unique artwork while saluting the rich history of pop culture. In 2003 Floyd began touring
the east coast, creating a name for himself while earning a Bachelors of Arts degree in graphic
design. Tremendous buzz followed the artist everywhere he went, and prompted him to establish a
brand. Thus, King Pop Design was born. Atlanta’s rich history and heavy influence on
contemporary pop culture combined to create the perfect environment for Floyd to base his
operations, and he quickly became a prominent artistic figure on the Southeast. With an ever
increasing client base ranging from the United States to the United Kingdom, William Floyd is
indeed an international trendsetter.

In addition to custom portraits and pop art, Floyd is also a renowned creative director.
He has lead many projects such as websites, logos, and marketing materials for a wide range of
clients including, Neiman Marcus, Mitsubishi, Porsche of North America, Waffle House, and Proctor & Gamble.
Sought after for hisintelligent designs and artistic perspective, William Floyd is a true creative mind.
In his independent published book “All Together”, Floyd combined poetry, paintings, and
personal insights to inspire readers and art lovers alike. Released in 2010, the book epitomizes
coffee table literature, and further showcases the artist’s diverse abilities.
With the introduction of his Pop Culture clothing line, Floyd elevates himself and his
creative empire to new heights. The marriage of his supreme artistic talent and creative direction
prowess gives birth to a truly unique and personal line. Offering custom T-shirts and Jackets with
exclusive KingPop signature style, as seen gifted to Hip Hop Icon Andre 3000, Swizz Beats, Kap G,
ScottyAtl, Kareem “Biggs” Burke and Emory “Vegas Jones” (Jayz long time business partners)

and many others, fans can now take his most popular designs with them wherever
they go. And wait thats not it, if your into film and televison catch Floyd’s work in the most notable
pictures like, Black Lighting, The Originals, Macgyver, Xscape Still Kickin It and several
Mountain Dew Commercials Just to name a few.

William Floyd has shown himself to be a heavyweight in the pop culture market place, and his
territory is vastly expanding. He is a painter, a graphic designer, project manager a published author,
and a philanthropist.

Now, with the Relaunch of Rap Snacks Potato chips, Floyd’s brand expands inside corner stores across
the United States, along side Mega Rap Stars such as rap trio Migos, Fetty Wap and Romeo Miller.
However, his dedication and drive make him more than just another designer. Floyd transcends the
often stuffy constraints of the media world, engaging on-lookers with his charm and
genuine joy of life, which also comes across in his work. With a wealth of knowledge and creative
drive, there is no telling what Floyd will do next, but you can be sure it will pop!